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While some of the pricing factors on a term life insurance policy may be beyond your control, there are others that you will be able to have a say in – and for those, it will be important to work…..

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Our team is made up of people just like you! We are fiercely committed and passionate to help you find customized life insurance coverage for your budget, time frame and lifestyle. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business, and…..

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A customized, affordable life insurance policy can help provide financial protection and security for your love ones and business. Find out if you need term life insurance and how much it costs.

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Why Choose Us? A customized, affordable term life insurance through us can help provide financial protection and security for your love one::

Mortgage Payments

A life insurance benefit can be used to pay off your mortgage. This gets rid of a huge debt burden and frees up your spouses’ income to go towards new expenses like childcare or old expenses like your household bills.

College Tuition

Your life insurance benefit can also be used to pay for college. Assuming you’re using a college savings plan, that money could grow into an even larger nest egg, allowing your child to dream big when choosing their college.

Outstanding Debt

If you have student loans, credit debts, or medical debts; your family may be responsible for covering some of those bills. Life insurance is the best option to ensure that does not happen.

Monthly Income

If you die, your income dies with you. If you’re not bringing in an income – say you’re a stay-at-home parent – your economic contribution is still crucial and needs to be protected.

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Why Having Debt Makes Life Insurance More Important

Why Having Debt Makes Life Insurance More Important

clovislobo | March 27, 2017

If a breadwinner were to die, can the surviving parent manage all the bills and maintain the family’s standard of living on one paycheck? With no life insurance, the survivor may need to dip into the emergency fund or retirement…..

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Millennials need more life insurance and it is much cheaper than their think

MarketWatch, “You need more life insurance and it is probably much cheaper than you think”

clovislobo | March 17, 2017

MarketWatch Investing Columnist, Phillip Van Doorn, explains why millennials and American families need more life insurance and how it is cheaper than they probably think. He begins by saying that people postpone making decisions on life insurance, because imagining their…..

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CNBC, Why a millennial should have life insurance

clovislobo | March 9, 2017

CNBC Personal Finance writer, Darla Mercado, bluntly reminds millennials that everyone dies, eventually. Therefore, obtaining life insurance while young is ideal and even recommended. The fact is young people have always feel invincible. However, there are several reasons why a…..

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Getting life insurance

Life Insurance In Your 20’s Can Help Prevent Unexpected Financial Challenges – (CNBC)

clovislobo | January 5, 2017

Life Insurance In Your 20s Can Help Prevent Unexpected Financial Challenges. Life insurance is the bedrock of any sound financial security plan and the critical foundation for controlling risks. It is also a tool that must be selected based on…..

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Life Insurance Policy, Term Life Insurance

What is life insurance

clovislobo | December 9, 2016

A life insurance policy covers your family and loved ones in the event of your death, paying out a guaranteed death benefit based on the coverage you choose. Life insurance policies fall into two general categories – term and permanent,…..

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